Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day Over

Today has been one long day! We had our fundraiser today: Spin Off 2011! We didn't have a huge turn out but we still raised a lot of money & we learned a lot about how to run this event. In other words, Spin Off 2012 will be awesome, and we can't wait to do it again since next year we want to give all the proceeds to another family that is working on adoption. We want to say thanks again to our sponsors: M&S Auto, Brandon Discount Drugs, Jason Harper: Century 21, Camille Griffith: Guide One Insurance, Studio Hair & Tan, Dozier & Associates, Bryan Bailey for Sheriff, & Mississippi Medical Massage Therapy! We also want to thank our friends who helped us put this thing together & those who came out to visit us today! Our grand total was $716! We were so excited about that! We are getting really close to our goal that will need to send in with our dossier paperwork which will hopefully be soon! And oh yes, I completely forgot to take pictures today! I know, I'm sorry!
Also, we have a few event tshirts left, if anyone would like to buy one!

In adoption news, we heard from our New Beginnings social worker this weekend and our home study should be ready for us to proofread by Monday! This is very exciting, we can't move further with our dossier until the homestudy is finished, and the sooner we are on that waiting list, the better! So, all of our homestudy paperwork is finished and I have completed about half of the dossier paperwork. I feel great that everything so far has gone so quickly and smoothly! God has provided every step of the way. We knew that He would when He called us to this plan, but living by faith is still so hard! He has proved himself even more than we expected!

I wanted to leave you with a few sweet pics of International Families....can't wait for family photos with 4 Wallaces!

Thanks for yall! Love, Hannah

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  1. SO glad that the fundraiser went so well, Hannah!!! And so glad that your homestudy is almost ready! YAY!!! :)