Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Babies, babies...

Well, while we may have to wait quite awhile for our next little one, there always seems to be babies coming in the Shanks family! Baby Sawyer, whom I told yall about a few post ago, got to come home from the hospital today! She is back up to 5lbs, 2oz. and she is the cutest, tiniest little thing. Ivy loved checking out all of her stuff, especially her video monitor! She kept saying, "ivy's on tb!" It was really cute.

I also have another new niece today! I know, right! My sister gave birth around 1am to Sicily Ann, she was 8lbs, 8oz! I haven't gotten a photo yet but Im sure she's precious, as are her two older siblings! We have so much to God for this week, that is for sure!

We have really busy working on our disc golf fundraiser that is coming up on May 15th! We are really excited and we have some awesome friends that are helping us get everything in order. It is going to be a fun day & our hope is that we can do this event every year with the profits going to a different family in the adoption process each year.

For all of you African mommas, I have some special coming soon....so stay tuned!

Thanks yall! -Hannah

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