Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cupcakes & Haircuts!

Alright! So more news on our exciting & busy week...

Last Thursday we had an amazing night! We attended a showing of the documentary Bereaved created by 60feet. There were many families who are involved with adoption and it was great to meet some of them. We also got to finally meet, drumroll, local blog celeb, Allison of Lovinmuch! She is as nice as anyone can be and passionate about orphan care! 

The documentary is very moving and I highly suggest checking it out! It can be hard to watch but it is such an important truth, orphan care is not just for those called to adopt, it is a commandment to all believers.

"Once our eyes are opened, we can't pretend we don't know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts & keeps our souls, knows that we know, & holds us responsible to act." Proverbs 24:12
One way that 60feet raises funds is through the Cupcake Kids. It is such a cute project, it was started by the children of the creators of 60feet. Last year they decided to have a cupcake stand to raise money for Ugandan children, and last weekend, only one year later, there were cupcake sales in 31 states and 4 countries! Our church had a sale that was headed up by the amazing Jenni of 1in17 blog. She worked so hard & they raised about $650! I had to work on Saturday but Ivy & I made some cupcakes to send.
These supercute tshirts are available on the cupcake kids site, I added there button to the side of the page.

Of course, we had to keep just one to sample!

I also wanted to share a little bit about our haircut fundraiser! Andrea & Leni were troopers! Working nonstop on their day off and for free! It was an amazing blessing! I am still blown away by their generosity! Jeff & Ashley hosted this event so we owe a huge thanks to them for letting us use their home! They have been a great support to us & our adoption in more ways than one! 
Our lovely hosts!

Andrea and our Megan who is also adopting from Ethiopia!

 Thanks to all of friends who participated! We raised over $500! Yay! A little bit closer to our dossier fees!

Craziest week ever!

Hey Everyone! I have so much to catch up on, I am going to have to send several little post because we have had so much going on! It has been crazy, crazy, crazy!
First of all, the biggest & greatest news:
Baby Sawyer is here and doing great! My brother Fred & his wife Kristi had their first baby this weekend! She came about 6 weeks early so it was scary for awhile but they were being prayed for by so many people, and God totally took control of it! Kristi is doing much better and I think she is glad Sawyer is here even though she had to come early and Sawyer is doing great! She is 5lbs., 2oz. and cute as a button! PTL!
Sorry for the poor picture quality! It is from my phone, and I was crying when I took it because it was the first time we were seeing her! She is so sweet!

I have more updates coming on the haircut fundraiser, the tornado, the dossier call... it never ends!

Thanks yall! -Hannah

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We need your help!

Hi Everyone! This Sunday is our Haircut Fundraiser and we need your help spreading the word to fill up the appointments! I know I have blogged about this already, but in case anyone missed it: My stylist of 10 years & her coworker are donating their time to cut hair for free! Donations are welcome & 100% of those donations go toward our adoption. They are both stylist at ULTA Salon in Flowood and have tons of experience. The event will be held at our friends home in Brandon.
Please help us fill these appointments! We still have a lot of spots available!
Thanks Y'all! Love, Hannah

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fish & Loaves

     Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let yall know we had an awesome fundraiser tonight! We are so thankful for the all of the jewelry orders that helped us raise money to bring home our baby! Thank you, thank you. I will give yall the grand total next week when it's all wrapped up but I am pleasantly surprised!
     I wanted to share something this week that is on my mind from my devotional, I hope it encourages those considering adoption.
"They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat." Matthew 14:16.
Jesus said this to the disciples because they assumed they had no food to provide the large crowd. We all know, that He provided food to many with one boy's lunch. It reminded me of how each time we discussed adoption, we would decide we couldn't afford it. Well, we can't but God can. He is taking our 5 loaves & 2 fish and turning it into the huge sum of money that we need to save the life of one child. We are giving Him what we have, which isn't much, and He is blessing us more than we thought He would.  (Which was just silly on our part, right?) The point is that God can take anything and turn it into something amazing, we often think our issue is too big or too small to bother Him, but He created something as small as 2 fish & He created the universe. Nothing is too big or too small for Him.
    In other adoption news, we had a big week! We mailed off our contracts for AGCI and with a huge check, thanks to all of you sweet folks! The baby bottle fundraiser has been a huge blessing. We also got most of our home study paperwork in the mail. We got blood test and finger prints this week, finally. Finding the time for that without taking off of work was difficult for both of us.  Our FBI packet should go in the mail on Monday! We are trucking right along and thank goodness because I am ready for kid #2 to be here with us! Also, I don't think I have shared this yet, but John & I decided to change our status from baby girl to either gender. So, that means when we finish our dossier, we will go on the waiting list for a boy & a girl and see which comes first! It is more likely to be a boy since they are less in demand. I am starting to get really excited about the possibility of having a son! John, of course, is happy because he wants a camping buddy!
     Ivy had her first big "bobo" at school this week, she tripped, busted her lip and got pretty scratched up. It was tough! Luckily, it was on the way into school so I was there to take care of her. She looks like she got in a fight! So sad, but she is fine. She was out playing on the playground later that day.
    All in all, we have had a big week! Ready for rest, hopefully Sunday will bring that to us!