Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello all! Ok, I know, it has been a hundred years since I have blogged!

We have had a great Fall! We have been busy but have had the chance to do a lot of fun things with Ivy. We went to the Fair, visited family, and now we are getting ready for Ivy's birthday next week. She will be 4, sad, sad, sad. I really need her to stop growing! It is killing me slowly each day when she acts a little bit older.

We just got our November numbers from AGCI and for the girl list we are 71 and boy list we are 52. Many of you have been asking how long we have been waiting and how far our numbers have come.... We began the adoption process in January 2011, made it on the waiting list by August/September and we started at 130 girl & 101 boy. At this rate we suspect it will be about another year. We know the timing will be right but we sure are ready for baby #2 to join the family!

Thank you all for praying for us and following our journey. It means the world to us!
With love, Hannah