Friday, January 27, 2012

Just waiting....

Hi Everyone! I  have not had much opportunity to blog recently and I have really missed talking about our adoption! We should be getting our new waitlist numbers in another week or so.

Now that we have settled in to the New Year, we are preparing for all this year may have for us. We have planning our summer family vacation, which will hopefully be our last with only one child! We are also planning some more fundraising opportunities! But, most importantly, we are praying that 2012 is the year we get to bring home our Ethiopian baby! Now, as far as the adoption process goes, this may be a long shot; however, we are praying that God is going to do something big and not only help bring home our little one soon, but also all of the Ethiopian children who are currently being waited on here in the U.S. by loving families. We are praying for the ET government that they will decide  on whatever changes they feel are necessary but also while doing what is best for the orphans. And mostly, we are praying that they do it QUICKLY! Please join us as we seek God on these topics!

As those of you are in or preparing for a multi race family, you know that you all of a sudden notice all things that have families of all types- commercials, magazine ads, books, etc. Whenever I notice something like this, it just warms my heart a little. That is why I wanted to share this book that Ivy got for Christmas from our family.

It is a very sweet book about the children of the world and how God dreams that boys and girls of countries can hold hands and play together. That they will share, care and love because they are ALL God's children. It has great illustrations and Ivy loves anything that has pictures of kids in it!