Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Adoption Update

Oh my goodness! After 18 weeks, I finally received my clearance from the FBI. My fingerprints were rejected, then delayed, then lost in the mail! But our amazing home study agency, New Beginnings received them last Wednesday and we had our actual home study in our hands by Friday! It was a nice feeling to finally have the home study in hand. So, we were able to mail off our USCIS paperwork, and as soon as we receive our USCIS fingerprint appointment, we can mail off our dossier!!!!!! That will finally get us on that waiting list. I have been watching lots of gotcha day videos lately, and it makes me so ready for the day we get to meet our kid! CAN NOT WAIT! Our friends who just made it to the waiting list waited 8 weeks for their USCIS appt., so I am hoping ours will go at least that quickly.

As previously promised, I want to update y'all on Orphanology. I actually haven't finished it yet, which is ridiculous, but we have been so busy this summer. Anyway, the book is amazing. It spells out so simply how we should look at adoption, Biblically speaking. I love reading it because it is so reaffirming to what led us to adopt. I will share more soon, but it really is inspiring!

Just to hint at a little fun, John and I have gone back & forth, to & fro on the tshirt idea. We are going to wait a while before we do them but we decided tonight that we are each going to design one and then have a little friendly competition to see who can sell more!!!!!! I think it will be a lot of fun. The winners bounty has not yet been determined! Stay tuned!

Thanks y'all, love you all!