Sunday, March 20, 2011

Save the Date!

Hey Guys, We have several fundraising opportunities coming up and we wanted to share all of the info in case anyone is interested. 

April 2- Amanda Brewer is hosting a Premiere Jewelry Party for me at her home in Brandon. ALL of the profits of the party go toward our adoption, which is so sweet of her to do this and without taking a dime! Also, if you interested, they a promo for April that if buy $75, you can get one item up to $40 for free!
Don't forget Mother's Day is coming up soon- they have great jewelry for gifts.

April 10- My awesome hair dresser of 10 years, Andrea Foster and her coworker Leni Martin are donating their time to cut hair for free! I am taking all of the appointments and ALL donations go to our adoption!

Also, if any of you have bottles that you are ready to turn in, we will take them at any time. You can bring them to me at the drugstore or contact one of us and we can try to pick them up! The bottle drive has been going amazing! So we are excited to see the final results.

We are moving right along with all of our adoption/homestudy paperwork. We still have some things to do, physicals and fingerprints, but we will mailing off a good bit this week and I know that will be a great feeling!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday, we are heading to Pinelake Clinton today, so we are really excited to worship with our extended church family!


  1. it was great to see you at plake clinton! I hope Myles behaved himself with a pretty new friend in the room :)

  2. It was good to see you too! Myles was so sweet! He immediately started talking to Ivy when we walked up to the room. She was the only girl so they gave her the pink car!
    He is too cute!

  3. We are a AGCI family too. Will be following you in your journey

  4. Awesome! Thanks Kelli! We will be praying for yall!

  5. Hannah, I want to buy some jewelry. How should I go about looking at the jewelry since I'm not local? :)

  6. Awesome Jenn! Thanks. Amanda is mailing you a catalog on Monday!