Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Long time, no....

Long time, no news. I haven't blogged in quite sometime for two reasons: We have been crazy busy & we really haven't had much adoption news to share lately.

As far as our adoption our numbers, we have only been moving 1-3 spots a month. However, this month we jumped 12 spots! It feels great! We are still probably a good year away from knowing anything about our child but it's okay. John is starting a new job & I a new schedule so we will have plenty of time to adjust. We will have one more Christmas (hopefully) with only one kid on the Christmas card, one more year of spoiling Ivy since she is the one and only, one more year of a family of 3.

Thanks to all of you who keep up with us, pray for us, and those that have supported us in our fundraising. We are blessed!


  1. we're with ya sister! SO glad to see this movement and praying for more!

  2. 12 spots is AMAZING!!!! So happy for ya'll! :)

  3. Hello Hannah! I just love your blog :) As a future adoptive mom it is wonderful to see your journey! And what's funny is that you actually live in the same town as my best friend Abby and my other friend Julie! They both attend Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Ridgeland. I actually plan to visit November 3rd for their Hearts of Compassion 5k to benefit their church's adoption fund/ministry :) I am not sure what y'all do in the way of raising funds for the adoption but you should really talk to my friend Julie. She has been able to help several families raise funds with AdvoCare (which is what we are doing). Anyway, I just want to thank you for your heart and your obedience to the Lord's Word concerning orphans. Such an encouragement to this mama's (of one for now) heart!

    Just in case you'd like to chat anout the 5k etc my name is Rebecca Childree (feel free to FB me!) and my email is bec4au@gmail.com

    Have a great day!