Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hi Everyone, I know my updates have been few and far between but I feel like as soon as we get ourselves on that wait list, we will have more time on our hands! It has been a very busy time for us, finishing paperwork and then re-doing it, oh, and then re-doing it again! I'm pretty sure we have done each dossier document at least 3 times!

Many of you have asked where we are in the process so here is a brief explanation: Our homestudy is finished, but it can not be reviewed by the state until our agency receives my fingerprints from FBI
(they claimed the 1st set was too blurry, so I sent off 3 more cards weeks ago!) Once the home study is reviewed by the state, we will receive a copy that we will include in our dossier. (Our dossier is our packet that basically tells everything about us on paper.) Once we submit the dossier, we are on the waitlist! We are hoping and praying that all of this happens soon, because once we are on the list all we can do is wait so we don't want to prolong this very long process to our baby at all! We have been hustling to get these document signed, notarized, certified, whatever the requirements!

I can not thank all of you who support us enough! We have been overwhelmed by the positive things people have done for us and our adoption! You have been generous and understanding and we want you all to know how much we love you and appreciate your good will and your prayers! Adoption is not for the faint of heart, and we could not be doing it without all of you!

The world of orphan care and adoption is never ending, I pray that you all will check out Melissa's blog (from which I posted most recently) if you haven't already, and I would encourage you to help and pray for the children of Oasis as much as you possibly can. Melissa is doing incredible things in Uganda and she needs support since she is separated from part of her family!

Also, at my sister's suggestion, I am reading Orphanology by Merida & Morton. I am really enjoying it, it lays out how our adoption by Christ parallels adopting and caring for orphans. I hope to update you on the awesome things I am learning!

We love you all!

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